Patrol hundreds of parking spaces in minutes
Catch violations with photos, time and location

App for iPhone & iPad

Point EasyALPR app at cars, it magically recognizes and reads license plates

Major Time Saver

Drastically reduce worker-hours, while doing a better job


Instant Notifications

Review suspected violations and take action as you patrol

Indisputable Proof

Evidence so good it is easy to audit and verify suspected violations

EasyALPR Parking Enforcer Catches Parking Pirates

Incredible short-term parking violation detection of that works with vehicle blacklists and whitelists.

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EasyALPR iPhone and iPad App

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The EasyALPR iPhone App is an incredibly easy to use license plate collection program. When you see a green box around a license plate, you know it is being read. View your results right here on



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

License plates results are only visible after a free trial begun which requires a submission of payment details
Whitelist rules contain lists of license plates that are authorized to park within a given location, therefore users are only alerted of violations once a license plate is recognized that’s not currently on the whitelist. These rules are best to verify that all current parkers have received permission to park
Blacklist rules work in reverse of whitelist rules and are therefore used to identify specific license plates that are restricted from parking within a location. These rules are best for ensuring employees are not parked within customer parking and vice versa.
First, ensure notifications are set to on. Next, verify that “max sightings” rules are removed. Finally, confirm that your current email and phone number details are accurate.
Patrol routes are measured on a daily basis, therefore with a 250 parking space route, users are able to scan 250 license plates each day.
Yes, we do provide iPhones for certain Enterprise clients, please reach out directly for more details.
No problem. Please reach out to us directly and we would be happy to create this integration for you.

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