Incredible record keeping
photos, plate numbers and locations

Get started using only an iPhone and computer.

iPhone Plate Scanning App

Our free app uses optical character recognition (OCR) to read license plates.

Improve your Evidence

Evidence so good it is easy to audit and veify suspected violations.


Patrol Effectively with Instant Notifications

When you scan a vehicle that isn't supposed to be there, you'll be notified of a suspected violation.

Accurate Plate Readings

You will be amazed at the accuracy of the plate scans thanks to our Intelligent Plate Groups.

Introducing Parking Defender and Parking Hero

Use a vehicle whitelist or blacklist to immediately identify a suspected violation.

Parking Defender

Great for Employee Lots

Use a whitelist to protect private parking lots from unauthorized use.

Patrol the lot with EasyALPR, get instantly notfied when a vehicle that is not on your vehicle whitelist is found.

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Parking Hero

Great for customer parking lots

Use a blacklist to ensure customers have a place to park by detecting known, unauthorized vehicles.

On patrol, get instantly notified when you scan a known vehicle from your blacklist.

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EasyALPR iPhone App

Free to download

The EasyALPR iPhone App is an incredibly easy to use license plate collection program. When you see a green box around a license plate, you know it is being read. View your results right here on



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